Recently BOMA Nova Scotia prepared a position letter in response the Transportation Plan released by Halifax. The letter expresses the concerns brought forward by the members of BOMA Nova Scotia  regarding the state of Halifax’s  transportation system and the need to start a conversation around what the best way is to solve the traffic issues and infrastructure problems . A copy of the letter was mailed to the Chair of the Transportation Standing Committee as well as to the others as noted on the bottom of the letter.

Transportation is a significant issue facing the BOMA membership within HRM. Access to the Peninsula is increasingly more difficult for those who live off the Peninsula, and many people who are employed on the Peninsula do not live within an easy commute to work using the present transportation facilities. Transportation difficulties are no longer only associated with the downtown core. Burnside and Bayer’s Lake are examples of areas which are not currently being adequately serviced by the existing transportation infrastructure.

Over the years numerous solutions have been suggested, which include expansion and renovation of the access to the peninsula from Highway 102, the addition of a Burnside Connector, and high speed ferries. BOMA recognizes that these possible solutions are incredibly expensive both for the Province and HRM, and these are only patchwork solutions to a system which is not capable of handling the present problems. Simply stated, any transportation infrastructure which attempts to accommodate or allow for more automobiles or buses within the system cannot be sustained.

In our view, an alternate transportation system is required at this time. One solution to the problems listed above could be a train system, which would initially supplement and progressively overtake the need for additional road and bus transportation. Such a system would have to include easy access to all areas of HRM, including a route which travels around the edge of the Peninsula on the existing rail bed system.

BOMA Nova Scotia looks forward to participating in a discussion with Halifax, the Province and stakeholders on transportation issues in Halifax. We all share this problem. Collectively, with forward thinking, solutions can be attained. Maybe the train is not the ultimate answer. Let’s all begin the discussion now as this problem will get much worse as HRM continues to grow.

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