October 24th BOMA O&E Luncheon

The Latest in Pest Control
Presented by Tom Hurshman, Rentokil

Join our BOMA O&E group on October 24th for a comprehensive […]

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December 5th BOMA O&E Luncheon

Slip & Fall – How Do You Measure Up?
Presented by Jane Richardson, Aon Risk Solutions

Our December O&E luncheon will […]

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May 30th BOMA O&E Luncheon

UAV’s & Infrared Imaging; Tools for Building Assessments
Presented by Chuck Adams, Hindsight Thermal Imaging &  Trevor Bergmann, AeroVision Canada Inc.

Thank […]

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March 7th O&E Luncheon

Arc Flash Hazards
Presented by Ryan Gavin, Schneider Electric
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Thank you to our March O&E presenter Ryan Gavin.

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November 22nd BOMA O&E Luncheon

Graffiti Management
 Presented by Constable Gerry Murney, Halifax Regional Police
 Sponsored by

Thank you to our November O&E presenter Constable Gerry Murney.

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October 4th O&E Luncheon

Fire Safety Plan Maintenance Documentation
Sponsored by

Thank you to all our BOMA O&E members who attended the October 4th O&E […]

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June 7th O&E Luncheon

Occupational Health & Safety
 Presented by Salima Sunderji, RiskCheck Inc.

Thank you to our guest speaker Salima Sunderji and to all the […]

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March 1st O&E Luncheon

Top 10 Building Inspection Recommendations for Building Engineers
 Presented by Andrew Steeves, SCM Risk Management Services Inc.

Thank you to all our […]

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BOMA O&E Luncheon – December 1st

Thank you to all our BOMA O&E members who attended the December 1st O&E luncheon, and to our presenters […]

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BOMA O&E October 29th Luncheon

 The Latest on Electronic Security Systems
Presented by Bill White, Tri-Ed

Thank you to everyone who attended our October O&E luncheon. We look […]

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