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Connecting Greater Halifax with a clean, green and efficient public transit system

Public transportation in HRM is – and has been for years – inadequate. Traffic congestion, a lack of available parking in the downtown core, and inconvenient bus routes fraught with delays plague the present system and impede access and growth. Green Interconnected Rapid Transit (GIRT) is a proposal for a continuous, light rail system serviced by electric trains and fed by buses. GIRT incorporates and expands upon existing rail beds to service commuters throughout HRM – including the entirety of peninsular Halifax, Fall River, Burnside, Dartmouth, Eastern Passage, Bedford, Bayers Lake, and beyond.

What can you do?

Let your colleagues, friends and family know about GIRT and show your support by contacting your Councillor, MLA, MP and the Mayor.

Read an article on GIRT, published in SPACES magazine and available on the Chronicle Herald website.


Where can GIRT take us?

Map 1 below shows the basic route plan for the proposed light rail system. Map 2 shows the possible expansion of the basic route to serve even more communities. Map 3 shows potential GIRT stations and how GIRT might interact with Bus Rapid Transit. Click on the maps below for a larger view.

Map 2large Map 3large Detailed GIRT Mapfor web


Learn more about Rapid Transit, what it offers Halifax, and what the rest of Canada is doing…


About GIRT

Read more about our vision of Rapid Transit for Halifax, and view proposed GIRT route maps

CPCS Study

Read BOMA Nova Scotia’s comments on the HRM study.

Across Canada

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