BOMA Nova Scotia Executive Director Job Opportunity

Executive Director

We are looking for an Executive Director that will be reporting directly to our Board of Directors, connecting members in our commercial real estate industry, and acting as the liaison to other local BOMA organizations, BOMA Canada, and BOMA International offices. Please see the full job description below. 

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Position: Executive Director
Organization: BOMA Nova Scotia
Location: Halifax,  NS 
Posting Start Date: 8/2/2022
Date Posted: 8/2/2022
Requirements The Executive Director reports directly to and serves the Board of Directors. They have the responsibility for the execution of all the policies established by BOMA Nova Scotia Board of Directors, implementation of all association programs, security and the association’s financial structure, resource allocations and other financial matters. The individual will also serve as the Association’s liaison to other Canadian BOMA Locals and BOMA Canada and BOMA International. 

The Executive Director shall:
  1. General Function
  1. Be responsible for the overall management, administration and direction of the Association activities and its office
  2. Serves as the communications link between the elected officers of the Association, committee members, the general membership, staff, the public, and BOMA Canada and BOMA International.
  3. Serves on BOMA Canada CSOC and other National committees as required.
  1. Management/Administrative Functions
  1. Administer the business of the Association, including all functions related to the BOMA Federation as identified in the Federation Agreement between the Association and BOMA Canada.
  2. Hire, train and maintain adequate staff for the execution of authorized programs. Contract for professional services, where appropriate.
  3. Acquire and maintain office space and the capital equipment necessary for the efficient operation of the Association.
  4. Provide the means and mechanics for the conduct of the Association official business including all elections, meetings and educational offerings (“Means and mechanics” includes arranging meeting space and facilities, administrative assistance, correspondence and record-keeping, etc.).
  5. Work to increase membership in the Association and to widen the Association’s influence as an authoritative, responsible institution in its jurisdictional area.
  6. Administer and monitor services to members and the community as created and authorized by the Board of Directors, and communicate all of the benefits and services available to members through the appropriate committee structure.
  7. Maintain current member records, be responsible for member and member-prospect invoicing and accurate recording of dues receipts, and maintain the membership and customer data-base.
  8.  Maintain physical custody, and assure security of all official Association documents and records in keeping with all applicable laws, including the annual filing of the Association’s annual tax filings.
  9. Serve as publisher of all Association publications and be accountable for format, content, financial stability and distribution.
  10. Plan and assure execution of general membership, Board and committee meetings on a sound legal, financial and parliamentary correct basis. Assure that all meetings have a well-organized agenda and utilize members’ time most efficiently and effectively.
  11. Seek and continually improve the effective working relationships with governmental officials and regulatory agencies. Assist elected officials by supplying the information necessary for policy decision making.
  12. Obtain legal counsel on matters of Association business and proposed activities whenever required or appropriate.
  13. Work in concert with other organizations with shared concerns to leverage the effectiveness of Association activities.
  14. Provide Leadership to the Association and serve as the stimulus for innovation by and progress of the Association
  15. Maintain a personal continuing education program devoted to association management and increased professionalism of the Executive Director and staff.
C.         Short Range Planning
  1. As budget administrator, provide complete and accurate financial information to the Association Treasurer in preparation of the monthly financial updates to the Board and the annual budget for appropriate approval.
  2. Prepare an annual business plan for the Association representing the shared goals of elected leadership and staff to be submitted along with the annual budget. Determine the number of staff personnel and special skills required to accomplish authorized Association goals.
  3. Apprise the Board of Directors on pertinent issues, shifting or conflicting priorities and member needs and concerns.
  4. Establish schedules and facilities for all Association activities, including meetings, seminars and publications.
D.       Long Range Planning
  1. Attempt to anticipate, based on the best available information, appropriate new members services plus trends or development in the profession and in society generally which will affect the Association and its members. Recommend to officers and committees the best and most appropriate courses of action based on knowledge, experience and information.
  2. Determine projected costs of all Association activities and develop probable and necessary sources and amounts of income. Continually seek sources of non-dues revenues that are consistent with legal regulations and the Association’s policies.
  3. Serve as the “fabric of continuity” for maintenance of established, proven Association policies and programs.
E.         Controller Functions
  1. Control expenditures in compliance with Board approved budgets.
  2. Pay the Association’s bills in a timely manner and maintain the financial stability and integrity of the Association.
  3. Manage cash flow and reserves to obtain maximum yield on cash in bank, consistent with the Association’s investment policy.
Status: This listing expires on: 8/2/2023