Spotlight Awards 2021

Image of 3 colour spotlights with text: BOMA Nova Scotia Spotlight Awards, Celebrating our Members' Achievements

Our Spotlight Awards are designed to celebrate our members’ achievements based on a different criteria every year. For 2021, we recognized "Excellence in Response to the Global COVID Pandemic". Entrants were required to demonstrate how their organization responded to the current crisis, and their initiatives were judged on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), innovation, business continuity and financial impact to the organization.

It gives us great pleasure to announce the winner of the 2021 BOMA Nova Scotia Spotlight Award: 

Congratulations Pinchin Ltd.!


Pinchin Ltd. is one of Canada's largest environmental, engineering, building science, and health & safety consulting firms. Pinchin was established in 1981 and now employes over 900 employees in 42 offices across Canada.

During the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, Pinchin has strived to adapt their methods to continue to support and guide clients while also protecting the health of safety of their employees and caring for their changing needs. Among many initiatives, Pinchin offered free best practice webinars on topics such Risk Assessment and Infection Control, to connect their clients and public with industry subject matter experts. They launched a national corporate food drive, and supported the Salvation Army and the Canadian Mental Health Association. In shifting to working remotely for employee safety and security, Pinchin realized an estimated 1,200 metric tonnes of carbon savings. However, they also recognized the challenges of this new practice and created a virtual “HIVE” for employees to remain connected while working from home, as well as offering Not Myself Today® mental health support and additional employee health care plan funding. All of this was made possible due to the early establishment of a Business Continuity Committee to ensure the execution of the pandemic plan, and strict financial management measures that allowed Pinchin to realize a strong recovery from the early stages of the pandemic.       

“We are very proud of the efforts of our team, and the rapid response to the pandemic, despite the challenges… Our COVID-19 response required a coordination between all levels of the company… we all had to lean on each other for support and expertise as we weaved our way through those uncertain times. Upon reflection there are many positives that came out of our response to COVID-19. But probably the most substantial was that we cultivated a deeper sense of internal community, comradery, and friendship.” 

BOMA Nova Scotia would like to thank all the entrants in our first Spotlight Award Program - we enjoyed hearing about the excellence you are all displaying in the face of challenging circumstances!


Our Spotlight Award Sponsor, GDI Integrated Facility Services, recognizes the planning and execution required in pivoting an organization to respond to a global pandemic. We would like to thank GDI for their sponsorship – without this support we would not be able to recognize the exemplary achievements of our members.